Church of the Brethren, Western Plains District


Please see specifics below regarding our facilities.

  • Cabins
    We have three boys’/men’s cabins and three girls’/women’s cabins outfitted with bunk beds only (we are set up as a youth camp rather than a family retreat center).
  • Bathroom/Shower Facilities
    Gender specific bathroom and shower facilities are located near each of the cabin cluster.  For this reason we discourage the use of any cabin as a cabin for a family unit and encourage the use of the facilities the way that they were designed (men on one side of the camp and women on the other side of the camp).
    One handicapped accessible toilet and bath/shower facility is available in a central location near the manager’s cabin.  This facility is intended for use by males, females, and families as needed.  Please note that while we do have a tub/shower in this building, it is NOT a walk-in tub/shower.
  • Kitchen
  • Dining Hall
  • Recreation Hall
  • Recreation Areas
    • Volleyball
    • Campfire
    • Horse Shoes
  • Technology
    • Cell phones do not work up here!  (And we like it that way.)  Camp Colorado is situated in a high valley surrounded by even higher mountains.  No cellular coverage by any carrier is available here.
    • Internet access.  We do have limited Wi-Fi internet access, primarily in and near our dining hall.  However, it is not universal access.  Please contact our Camp Manager to discuss your group’s need for internet access.


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