Church of the Brethren, Western Plains District

Renter Info

Advanced reservations are required. Many groups reserve our facility year after year so we have limited availability. Please contact as soon as possibility to reserve your spot. Groups are free to use the camp’s kitchen facilities, dishes, utensils and recreational equipment. An onsite manager is available to answer questions and directions. Please see our What to Bring? page for details about what to brgin to camp. Groups are also expected to clean the facility before their departure and return all items to their proper places. A checkout list is provided and the manager will conduct a walk-through with your group’s contact person at the end of your stay. Pets are not allowed.
When you rent Camp Colorado, you provide your own program, meals (and cooks), procedures and rules using our buildings, equipment and recreational opportunities. An on-site manager is available to assist your group in fully utilizing the various facilities.
We require that your group carries a $1,000,000 liability insurance policy naming Brethren Leadership Foundation, Inc. d/b/a Camp Colorado as an “additional insured” and that you promise and warrant that it carries liability insurance with a minimum liability limit of $1,000,000 per occurrence. Your group will provide a certificate of insurance to our camp manager at least seven days prior to the date upon which the User begins to use the premises.


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