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COVID-19 Information

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COB Camp Covid-19 Information

WPD Camp Colorado COVID Protocol 2022

(updated 5-16-22)

Covid Flowchart


Download and view a PDF version of the below protocol

The Western Plains District of the Church of the Brethren, in an effort to provide a safe and enjoyable camping experience for the youth of our district, has developed the following protocol related to COVID 19 for Camp Colorado for the 2022 season. There are some changes from our 2021 policy. Please read carefully and contact the director of your camp session if you have questions.


The Western Plains District strongly urges all persons attending camp to be fully vaccinated against COVID 19. This would include the primary series (two vaccines) and a booster six months later for persons 12 and older and just the primary series for persons ages 5-11.

Prior to arrival at camp

In an effort to minimize the risk of a COVID outbreak during the camp session, all campers and staff are expected to do a COVID test in the 48 hours prior to arriving at camp. This test can be a home test or done by a doctor’s office, laboratory or pharmacy. This testing is expected of all persons, regardless of vaccination status or previous infection with COVID. Campers who test positive should not come to camp and will be issued a full refund. We hope that this precaution makes it much less likely that a person would transmit COVID to others during their transport to camp and also makes it much less likely that a camper would arrive without being allowed to check in at camp due to their having a COVID infection.


Persons who have been exposed to COVID In the previous 10 days are considered to be in quarantine and are not allowed to come to camp. An exception may be made for essential camp staff as long as strict masking guidelines can be followed.


Arrival at camp

Upon arrival at camp, all persons will be screened for COVID symptoms and will be tested for COVID using point of care (POC) tests provided by the camp. This will be done at the registration area. Campers are not allowed to proceed to the cabins until their testing is completed. Anyone who tests positive for COVID will not be allowed to check in and will be expected to leave the camp.


Persons transporting campers to camp are asked to stay until all of the campers they have transported have been fully checked-in and cleared to stay at camp. Drivers are allowed to use camp restroom facilities, but are asked to minimally interact with others and to stay near their vehicle until they have been released to leave.

  • Campers generally will not be required to wear masks, but may do so if they prefer. (Please see exceptions to optional masking below)

  • Campers should arrive with their own water bottle as well as with an adequate supply of masks should they need to mask. We suggest having enough for 2 per day.

  • Given the relatively small size of our camps (fewer than 40 campers and more commonly 10-20 campers), campers will not be divided exclusively into cohorts as may be done at larger camps. The implication of this is that all persons at camp will likely be considered “close contacts” of all other persons at camp should there be a COVID exposure.


Camp Life

As long as there are no cases of COVID, camp life will be as usual:

  • Campers and staff will be screened daily by medical staff for COVID symptoms using a list of standard screening questions.

  • Meals may be served family style or buffet, and may be indoors or outdoors.

  • Campers will be divided into small groups for activities, discussions, chores as per usual camp tradition.

  • Singing/chanting at mealtimes will be allowed. Prayers/singing prior to meal times will be done outdoors or indoors.

  • Singing/chanting at campfire is allowed.

  • Campers may be transported by vehicle offsite for camp activities (for example hiking or swimming) as per the discretion of that session’s director(s). Parents are encouraged to contact their child’s director if they have questions about what activities are planned and how campers will be transported.

  • Campers may be evacuated from camp property by vehicles in case of emergency.

Should there be a case of COVID at the camp, all persons remaining at the camp will be expected to mask as noted below and additional measures will be taken to minimize the chance of spread.


COVID Testing

  • All persons at camp will receive a standard screening questionnaire daily by the camp medical staff regarding COVID symptoms.

  • Any person experiencing possible symptoms of COVID (fever, cough, sore throat, loss of taste or smell, shortness of breath or diarrhea) should notify the camp medical staff immediately.

  • All symptomatic persons will be assessed by camp medical staff and will receive on-site COVID testing if deemed appropriate.

  • Persons who have symptoms but test negative will be allowed to continue to participate normally.

  • If a person has symptoms and tests positive for COVID the following will occur:

  1. The person will immediately be placed in an isolation area and provided any immediate needed medical care by camp medical staff.

  2. If an emergent medical condition exists, EMS will be notified for transfer to a local hospital for care.

  3. The parent/guardian will be notified of the positive test and the camper’s condition.

  4. The health department will be notified.

  5. If the symptomatic person does not require ER or hospital care, parents are expected to retrieve the camper from the camp within 24 hours.

  6. The symptomatic person will remain in isolation until they leave camp.

  7. Parents/guardians are expected to follow local health department guidelines for maintaining isolation while traveling home with the camper.

  8. Parents/guardians are responsible for all costs of retrieving the camper from camp as well as costs related to rules of isolation and quarantine, including, but not limited to, gas, meals, and hotels.

  9. This protocol will be followed regardless of the person’s immunizations status. This means that even vaccinated persons who develop asymptomatic COVID or test positive for COVID will not be allowed to stay at camp.

  • The camps plan to follow local/state health department guidelines regarding screening persons for COVID during the camp session. This could result in campers/staff being screened with on site testing multiple times during their camp session even if they do not have symptoms. This will be decided by the camp medical staff and medical director.

  • Point of care testing used by the camp has an extremely low false positive rate. Therefore all positive tests will be deemed true positives and confirmatory testing at an outside facility is not recommended.

Exceptions to the mask-optional policy

If a person develops symptoms suspicious for COVID 19 or other illness, medical staff may ask the person and the person’s close contacts to wear masks until the symptomatic person can be fully evaluated.


If any person tests positive for COVID during the camp week, everyone at camp will be considered to have been a close contact of that individual. All persons would then be required to wear masks indoors (except while sleeping, showering or eating) for the rest of the camp week. Upon returning home from camp, persons will be expected to follow quarantine guidelines as per their state and county.

Quarantine and Isolation

Persons who are sick or displaying symptoms of illness are placed in isolation (away from other campers, but tended to by medical staff). Persons in isolation are expected to leave the camp within 24 hours.


Persons who have been exposed to an ill person but are not themselves ill, may be placed in quarantine. Current CDC guidelines state that persons who are current with their COVID vaccines and/or had a documented COVID 19 infection in the past 90 days do not need to quarantine if they are exposed to COVID 19, but they do need to wear masks around others for 10 days. Unvaccinated persons typically need to quarantine. The state of Colorado grants an exception to the quarantine requirements for residential youth camps and has indicated that all campers can be allowed to stay at camp as long as they follow masking guidelines and are tested regularly.


Departure from Camp due to Positive COVID test 

  • Parents/guardians are responsible for transporting the camper off site within 24 hours of the positive test. The camper will need to continue their quarantine off site as per local health department guidelines.

  • Persons transporting persons in isolation or quarantine may need to also quarantine upon arrival at home, depending on their own vaccination status.

  • While many campers arrive at camp in a church or group van, it may be necessary for parents/guardians to arrange for individual transport away from camp should their camper test positive for COVID.

  • Campers who are in isolation (have COVID) may only be transported by their parents/guardians or other individuals who have written permission by the parent/guardian to seek medical evaluation and treatment for the sick person.

  • While vaccination is highly effective against severe COVID 19, it does not preclude the possibility of infection. Should a significant number of staff develop COVID 19 and it is not possible to maintain adequate staffing as per childcare guidelines, the camp session will terminate early. Parents will be notified and will need to transport their camper off site within 24 hours.


Financial Responsibility

  • Parents are financially responsible for all COVID testing prior to the start of camp as well as any testing done by providers who are not camp staff.

  • The camps will provide COVID testing for all symptomatic persons as well as intermittent screening of asymptomatic persons. 

  • The parents are responsible for all costs related to treatment of suspected or confirmed COVID, including urgent care, emergency room or hospital costs.

  • Persons choosing to cancel their camp registration will be refunded 100% of registration fees if they cancel up to the day prior to the start of camp.

  • Once camp has started, no refunds will be given, even if the camp session is shortened for any reason for one or more campers.

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