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Season’s Greetings from Camp Colorado!

Snow is on the ground. Christmas is a week away. Many of us are scrambling to do our last minute shopping, making sure our travel plans are all set, and trying to figure out what we are cooking for family. It is, for many of us, a chaotic time. Not only are we trying to make sure the Holidays are memorable experiences, but we might also find ourselves wondering what happens next.

Whether we want to celebrate an epic year or we long for new days, with the dawn of a new year we are, once again, filled with the hopes of what could be. It is no different for those of us who love Camp Colorado. Our beloved camp is in a season of change, and we wanted to take this time to share more of the story that is camp.

At the end of this month, we will be saying goodbye to Rosi Jones, who has served Camp Colorado for years as camp manager. Rosi has blessed innumerable lives, as year after year, summer after summer, campers from all over would migrate to Camp Colorado to be greeted by Rosi’s hugs, smiles, and love. Rosi has made sure that for one week of the year, students of all ages would have an epic, life changing experience. She, time and time again, crafted opportunities for young people to build relationships with each other, but also she managed to create holy spaces for those same individuals to be immersed in their Creator. Those holy weeks changed lives. Although we must say goodbye to Rosi, we do so with abundant thanks and appreciation. Rosi, thank you! Thank you for leading us. Thank you for caring for us. Thank you for bringing Jesus to us.

Just as the seasons change, so does the world around us. We might be saying goodbye to a legend, who will remain on the board to help guide Camp Colorado, we also have the chance to welcome new eyes and new leadership. In 2017, we will have a new manager guiding our camps. And we, the board, are excited to welcome Becky Snell to serve as Camp Manager. Becky brings a deep passion, akin to Rosi’s, for nurturing young people’s faith and lives. Becky has already blessed many through her years of counseling and directing camps, and now she will lead us as Camp Manager. This is indeed an exciting and joy filled season. Welcome Becky and we can’t wait for you to direct us into a new day.

But this note is more than a thank you to Rosi and a welcome to Becky; it is a call to all who love Camp Colorado. As we transition to new leadership, and we continue to update the camp to make it more welcoming, we need your help. Through your help, this past year we were able to remodel the girls’ restroom, and it is amazing! We were able to replace the ATV and get one that is ready to roam the grounds. And we were able to host two weekends of service, but there is more that needs to be done. We need new steps leading to the rec hall, and the deck behind the rec hall, due to a heavy snow, needs to be replaced. And some of us hope to have new bathrooms for the boys. However, all of this takes an investment from you. It takes all of us giving what we can to make sure the camp not only continues to influence young people, but that we can help the camp become more hospitable, more welcoming, and more available to any and all who might need a week away from the chaos that is life itself.

As we close the end of our years, as we dance around the flames flickering in our living rooms, will you please consider sending an end-of-year gift to Camp Colorado, making sure our beloved camp continues to be a safe space for students of all ages. Because we are not financing a camp, we are truly investing in the future of our world. Bono, the lead singer for U2, says this about young people: “This is a time for bold measures. This is the country, and you are the generation.” Yes indeed. This is a time, in human history, for bold measures, and our young people are just the ones to make the change that promises tomorrow to be so much brighter than today. With your gift, Camp Colorado will continue to inspire the young people who will “have a mind to do right," to the glory of God and for our neighbor’s good. Amen.

Remodeling in the girls shower was a nice update for the camp. Jan & Howard Duncan, long time servants of Camp Colorado and the Church of the Brethren, helped local Colorado Forestry workers clear the vast majority of Camp Colorado’s overgrown forests of it’s fire hazards. The camp was also the site of Chris and Jocelyn Guyer’s wedding. Congrats to the happy couple!

NEW! Donate online with a debit or credit card:

Gifts by check may be made payable to:

Camp Colorado

c/o LeAnn Harnist

10303 Hunter Trl

Huntley, IL 60142

Camp Colorado is a 501(c)(3) organization. All donations are tax-deductible. Please indicate if you would like us to send you a receipt documenting your charitable contribution.

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