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Forms for Current Volunteers


Because Camp Colorado is a childcare facility, the following documents MUST be on file for all staff at least two weeks before camp begins. Staff orientation is provided at the beginning of each camp week.


  1. Volunteer Staff Application

  2. Reference Form (from three references)

  3. Background Check Release Form

  4. Health Form

  5. Copy of health insurance card (front and back)

  6. Copy of driver's license (front and back)

  7. Standard Precautions Training (see below)


Volunteer staff need only apply once per camping season. While applications are required once per camping season, the accompanying documents below have differing requirements. Please complete the volunteer staff application online and submit accompanying documents to the specified locations below.

Volunteer Staff Application

Counselor-in-Training (CIT) Application


Reference forms are valid for 10 years. Staff are required to have three (3) references (non-family members) complete the district's reference form. Reference forms can be found here or on the Western Plains District website.


Background checks are valid for five (5) years. Please print and send completed form to Western Plains Church of the Brethren District Office, PO Box 394, McPherson, KS 67460 or scan and e-mail completed form to

Background Check Release Form PDF


Health forms are valid for 12 months. Please print and submit the completed form to your camp director, along with copies of your insurance card and driver's license.

Staff Health Form PDF

  1. Go to this website

  2. Login on the left side 

  3. Scroll down and create an account or log in if you have previously made an account 

  4. If you are not a Colorado resident, you can use the camp address:
    238 N. County Highway 67
    Sedalia, CO 80135
    County: Douglas

  5. Sign in to your account

  6. Once signed in, scroll down and you will see "Go to Learning"--click on that

  7. At the top you will see a search bar--search “Standard Precautions, including Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases and Immunizations”

  8. Go into that class

  9. On the right side it will say “Register” or “Open Curriculum”

    1. If you have taken the class previously click “Register” and then “Request” in order to retake the course

    2. If you are taking this for the first time click “Open Curriculum” 

  10. Complete the course

  11. Once completed go back to your dashboard

  12. Top right corner click the 3 bars

  13. Click on “My Learning”

  14. You will see a drop down menu named “Filter by Training Status”

  15. Click the drop down menu and change to “Completed” 

  16. Click on “View Completed”

  17. Click on “View my Certificate”

  18. Save your certificate to upload to your staff application 

  19. Print your certificate and bring to camp with you

COVID Protocol


Please see updated protocol on the COVID-19 Info page of our website.

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