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Tiered Pricing

Camp Colorado is using a new pricing model starting in 2024 that allows you to choose which fee you pay. Each camp is broken up into 3 different fees: the Subsidized fee, the Standard fee, and the Supporter fee. Each level is described below the list of prices. 

**There is no cost for Work Camp**

Jr. | Jr. High | Sr. High
$200 | $250


The Subsidized fee is our commitment to keeping summer camp affordable for every camper, although it does not accurately reflect the actual financial cost of a camper. This fee is made possible through the generous support of our donors and those paying the Supporter fee. 

$250 | $300


The Standard fee more closely reflects the actual cost of a camper attending summer camp, including expenses people don't think about such as meals, utilities, counselor and other staff pay, building and grounds maintenance, program supplies, accreditation and permits, etc. 

$300 | $350


The Supporter fee will cover the cost of camp, plus allow Camp Colorado to continue to provide summer camp for everyone. By choosing this fee families would help further the mission of Camp Colorado by covering the cost of camp for their child and helping us make the subsidized fee available to those who need it. 

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