What to Bring

  • Please use this Camper's Guide for general information on what to bring to camp. Below are some additional specific items to bring for Camp Colorado:

  • Clothing:

    • WARM sleepwear (it’s cold up here at night!)

    • Easy slip-on footwear for walking from cabin to shower/bathroom

    • Clothes that can get dirty

    • Clothes you can wear in layers

  • Bedding/Linens:

    • A fitted twin sheet to cover the mattress with! (A flannel one will help keep your sleeping bag in place during the night.

  • Miscellaneous:

    • Sunglasses

    • Ear plugs and/or a battery-powered “white noise” machine if you’re a light sleeper

    • Chapstick (lips get dry and sore in this mountain air)

    • Books and magazines for “bunk time/quiet time”

MARK YOUR BELONGINGS! Items left at camp are taken to a local thrift store within a few days.

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